WNC Orienteering Club

WNC Orienteering Club

1 week 11 hours ago

This is the 'Richmond Hilton,' a cozy little getaway overlooking the French Broad River. The views are great, but the room service is terrible.

It has a pool, also pictured, but it's like half a mile away.

Prepare to find these locations next Saturday during our next meet, Orienteering at Richmond Hill Park !

WNC Orienteering Club

1 week 3 days ago

A natural side effect of orienteering is that your visiting friends from other places want to take it home with them. Looks like we'll be adding Johnson City to the list of places we go orienteering!

ANOTHER new map on the way!

Buckle up, Johnson City.

WNC Orienteering Club

1 week 4 days ago

Let's all be Masters together someday, okay?

VIDEO HIGHLIGHTS from today in Copenhagen

Our video producer complained today. Too many fantastic spots. To cover them all he walked 12 km, which might be the record for today. 🙂

Enjoy Edgars Sparāns impressions from the Sprint Finals.

/ Jakob

WNC Orienteering Club

2 weeks 5 days ago

My favorite control location from yesterday's meet.

WNC Orienteering Club

2 weeks 5 days ago

Yesterday's orienteering meet was a lot of fun, and we smashed the attendance record with 40 participants!

Thank you so very much to all, especially those who volunteered their efforts to help it go smoothly.

RouteGadget is UP and accepting GPS file uploads. You can send me your GPX files and I will add them, or find the tutorial I recently posted and learn how to do it yourself.

RouteGadget >> http://wncoc.org/gadget/cgi-bin/reitti.cgi?act=map&id=50

Results -----

White course - 2.3km, 7 controls

Kristin Trummer - 56:08
Sloan Poe - 56:58
Kaitlyn and Blair Guyer - 1:00:17
Idoia Gorosabel Gkikas - 1:01:12
Melanie Stowell - 1:17:14
Ryan Prendergast - 1:35:04

Yellow course - 3.0km, 15 controls

David Turner - 46:30
Trey Gwyn - 51:07
Kaitlyn Guyer - 55:46
Kristin Trummer - 1:16:22
Gina and Mark Romine - 1:30:22
Sara Boelt - 1:32:47
Sara Bassett - 1:33:10
Sierra Gerringer - 1:33:29
Julie Santiago - 1:39:36
Alexa Braun - 1:56:50
Team Vogt - 1:16:24 (DNF, out of order)
Steven Deblois & Co - 1:32:32 (DNF)
Jess Law and Matthew Reese - 1:20:39 (DNF)

Orange course - 4.4km, 17 controls

Jim Hall - 1:01:02
David Waller - 1:08:24
Sloan Poe - 1:08:35
Laura Goetz - 1:39:59
Julia Lethcoe Moore - 1:50:08
Team Claire and Michael Poole - 1:50:16
Taylor Cook - 2:07:01
Team Vogt - 1:07:33 (DNF, out of order)

Red course - 5.4km, 24 controls

Mike Guyer - 55:53
Sherry Downing - 1:06:56
David Waller - 1:10:14
Shaun Michael Pope - 1:13:29
Julie Santiago - 1:16:56
Josef Point - 1:17:01
David Aaronson - 1:17:02
Trung Lively - 1:26:06
Sammy Pants - 1:30:14
Russell Schroeder - 1:30:17
Lyle Mitchell and Jaimie Vancil - 1:33:49
Phil Guyer - 1:40:12
Patrick McGillicutty - 1:50:50
Charles Miller - 2:00:18

WNC Orienteering Club

3 weeks 2 minutes ago

Tomorrow's meet at Black Mountain Veterans Park is nearly upon us! Maps and key-fobs are now programmed, bagged, and ready for you to have a great day orienteering!

If you have not yet pre-registered, please do so to save yourself some time and hassle -- https://goo.gl/forms/Pi0Gig04WbgMynLv1

We have a record number of entries (34 pre-registered) which on one hand is awesome, and on the other hand is a minor concern.

We have "only" 50 key-fobs, which means we *could* run low during the meet. This means that you can either wait for a fob to return, or you can use the manual pin punches to mark your 'passport' and not have electronically timed splits. It's not the end of the world, and maybe won't even be an issue - I just wanted everyone to be aware that some supplies are (currently) limited, but EVERYBODY will get out there with a map (I printed plenty.)

I have programmed all pre-registered entrants' key-fobs with their names and courses.

There are TWO white courses - one's a little longer than the other one. If you pre-registered for white, you have your choice tomorrow morning.

If you're on the Orange or Red course, you should wear protective clothing (long pants, long sleeves) that's lightweight because it's supposed to be HOT, and if you're nervy enough to go through ANY green sections of the map, you will take home some lasting, itchy souvenirs without precautions. You can always use trails, but some of us are not that smart. 😜

GPS watch or smartphone - BRING IT so you can add your GPS route to our RouteGadget after the meet for "analysis."

COMPASS - we do NOT have rental compasses yet, so please bring your own. If you do not have a compass, but have a smartphone, you can download one of many different free compass apps that will be perfectly adequate.

We will have WATER and BEER, but not in that order.

See everybody ANY TIME between 10am and 2pm!

WNC Orienteering Club

3 weeks 1 day ago

Preliminary courses for Saturday's meet are now set! Here are some notes to help you decide.

White - 2.8km, 9 controls. A nice introductory tour that takes you through most parts of the map. All controls are near the trail and no bushwhacking is required. Jogging stroller friendly.

Yellow - 3.0km, 15 controls. Not much different than White, but includes controls with more advanced placement and a wider area of travel.

Orange - 4.4km, 17 controls. The gloves are off, and unless you want to go the really long way, your feet are going to get wet. Challenging, with lots of route choices to be made.

Red - 5.4km, 24 controls. Advanced course for people that expect to be soaking wet, filthy, and exhausted when it's over. Bring your A-game, a towel, and a change of clothes.

Remember to mark your attendance accurately in the event, and pre-register here -- https://goo.gl/forms/PuLXieQqfcpyZOnl2

WNC Orienteering Club

3 weeks 1 day ago

After many hours in the field this week, the improved Black Mountain Veterans Park map is ready for Saturday!

Here are snapshots of the wooded area near the track before this week's revisions, and after.

Remember that you can PRE-REGISTER for this FREE (donations loved) event with this Google Form >> https://goo.gl/forms/gGZI5z8ezNDDG9tB3

Keep an eye out for upcoming posts on what to bring, what to wear, and what to expect!

WNC Orienteering Club

3 weeks 1 day ago

Here are the Cliff's Notes for Saturday's meet at Black Mountain Veterans Park. Do your homework! And register! (https://goo.gl/forms/u1ZaoCjP2gHD6JPn1)


RunsOnBeer runs the brown course at WNCOC's third public meet. Black Mountain Veterans Park, Black Mountain, NC wncoc.org Facebook.com/wncoc

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