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Welcome to my digital orienteering map archive!

On this site I will publish maps, courses and route choices from orienteering events I have attended.

Bent Creek Barbara (20/12/2017)
Wednesday 20 December 2017
Category: Training
Bent Creek, Asheville DisOrienteering Club
Third in a series, "Queen Bs of Bent Creek." Just Mike and I on a mid-week, off-work, bro-day in the woods. GPS-only, no flags, 21...
Thufferin' Thursday (30/11/2017)
Thursday 30 November 2017
Category: Training
Shope Creek, Asheville DisOrienteering Club
Experimental map - combination of Terje contours, with Terje+KP vegetation, highly generalized and sort of accurate. The place is ...
Craggy Line maiden voyage (24/11/2017)
Friday 24 November 2017
Category: Training
Craggy Line, Asheville DisOrienteering Club
First time on this map of a hilly, diverse area in north Asheville that apparently used to be a landfill(?) Some extremely steep a...
Training with Hoof (17/11/2017)
Friday 17 November 2017
Category: Training
Fun day with perfect weather. Cool and dry, with a bluebird sky. We talked through the techniques of attack points, aiming off, ca...
2017 Bubbagoat (04/11/2017)
Saturday 4 November 2017
Category: Competition
Eno River State park, Backwoods Orienteering Club, USA
This was my first goat.
Irmageddon - A Little Longer (11/09/2017)
Monday 11 September 2017
Category: Competition
UNCA, Asheville DisOrienteering Club, USA
Evening run - just Hoofnagle, Brian Shoenberg visiting from Florida, and myself. Gusty winds, mid-50's and misting rain, remnants ...
Popup O-Meet #4 - Warren Wilson - Score O (19/06/2017)
Monday 19 June 2017
Category: Competition
Warren Wilson, Asheville DisOrienteering Club
Popup O-Meet #3 - Warren Wilson (12/06/2017)
Monday 12 June 2017
Category: Competition
Warren Wilson College, Asheville DisOrienteering Club