Craggy Line maiden voyage (24/11/2017)
Category: Training
Map/area: Craggy Line
Organiser: Asheville DisOrienteering Club
Distance: 8.89 km
Time: 141:44
First time on this map of a hilly, diverse area in north Asheville that apparently used to be a landfill(?) Some extremely steep and snarled areas, beautiful views, cliffs, waterfalls, highway, jeep roads, pools of mystery fluid, severe briars in places, and we didn't even see the whole place. Lyle made it out, as did David Downing for his for orienteering experience. We assume he'll return. Both parties aborted the course halfway, as it was way longer than anyone came prepared for.
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Craggy Line maiden voyage (24/11/2017) Craggy Line maiden voyage (24/11/2017)