MapRun Orienteering Course
Asheville, NC

Before You Begin

  • Be sure to install MapRun on your smartphone and follow the Quick Start Guide to set up the app as documented here.
  • IMPORTANT – when prompted on first launch of MapRun, grant it maximum permissions, as in, “all the time” or “when the app is in use.” Confirm any battery-saver or data-saver features on your phone are turned off. We want MapRun to stay awake even when your screen goes to sleep.
  • Tap the User Profile button and fill out the information, then tap Accept.
  • Load your course(s) (see below) onto your phone BEFORE GOING TO BENT CREEK, where cell service is weak. Doing this at home is best.
  • When printing out your course map(s) please be sure to select “Actual Size” to ensure the map is printed to scale.
  • Please keep group size to a minimum to reduce undue erosion of the environment.

Course Links

Tips and Tricks

  • Start and Finish are located just NW of the Ledford Branch Parking Area, indicated on your map by the triangle and double-circle, respectively.
  • When you are within 20 meters of any control point, MapRun will vibrate and make a sound on your phone. Be sure your volume is turned up so you can hear it, and secure the phone near your body so you can feel the vibrations.
  • When you are ready to begin, tap GO TO START, move towards the triangle and when you hear MapRun chime, the clock has started and your session has begun. You can now put the phone away and use your paper map to navigate, or use the on-screen map.
  • Scatter Course – visit as many control points as you wish, in any order, and return to the Finish. You must visit at least one control point to achieve an OK result.
  • Classic courses must visit ALL control points IN SEQUENTIAL ORDER to achieve an OK result.
  • Finish procedure – upon returning to the double-circle, MapRun will prompt you twice if confirm you are truly finished. When completed, you will see your tracks and results.
  • Because GPS accuracy can be inconsistent at times, if your phone failed to chime at a control point you actually visited, you can use the HITMO (“hey I think it missed one”) function to correct that post-run. Reach out to us if you need help with this.
  • Optional – your result can be uploaded manually to the MapRun Leaderboard, Strava, and your GPX tracks can be exported via email.