Results – MapRun Monday @ Montford

We got through six MapRun Mondays in a row without getting rained on, and that seems rather miraculous for a Spring Series in Western North Carolina!

Congratulations and thanks to all who participated in the MapRun Monday Spring Series 2023, which culminated last night in the historic Montford neighborhood in Asheville. We had 23 folks in attendance for this World Orienteering Day registered event. Schedule conflicts, vacations, and a slew of other snafus kept a chunk of rabid regulars off the score sheet this week, so the turnout was pretty good, all things considered.

Congrats to the division winners!

  • PowerWalker 65 Minute Score – Kristy Carter
  • Runner Scatter A – Lily Addicott
  • Runner Scatter B – Cecily Bacon
  • Runner Scatter C – Jonathan and Abby Landry
  • Runner Scatter D – Jim Hall

Evening Results

Week 6 of 6

Full Series Results

Summer Series – coming soon!