Results – MapRun Monday @ West Asheville

MapRun Monday Spring Series 2023 Week 4 @ WAVL

On another sunny and warm spring evening, we gathered in West Asheville last night for the fourth of our six consecutive weeks of street orienteering. We had 25 in attendance including a dad (hi Todd!) and friends of friends (hi Lora and Ethan and John!)

There were finally some takers for the Runner Scatter A course, which Lily won in 43:16 and a distance covered of 8.73Km.

The B course saw Val beat Jody by about 60 seconds, and he had to run faster because he covered a bit more distance.

C course drama again, with the Landrys handing it to Doug, except he wasted exactly (we counted) two minutes at the tiny pagoda waiting for his phone to beep, and that was the difference. It eventually did, but the damage was done and Jonathan and Abby were victorious.

Jim and Nancy spanked the Draggin’ Ass (their words) Dixons who weren’t as Dynamic as they were last week. We’ll see what happens at Albemarle.

The PowerWalker course continues to be dominated by Kristy and Carey, who brought their friend Lora along. All four events, handily won, no competition. They’re on a streak. Something caused typically competitive Deb and Ashton to get walloped by 21 point penalty for being 7 minutes late.

Next week, Albemarle Park (northeast of Luella’s BBQ up to the Grove Park Inn and up Town Mountain as far as I see fit to send you. See you there!

Specific Results by Course