Results – Night-O at Highland

“Make Friends with Winter” presented by Fjallraven

“O,” what a night we had at Highland Brewing Company on Saturday night, January 28, 2023!

With 53 finishers, our first ever Night-O was a great success. Many thanks to everyone who came out to enjoy the wonderful terrain, cold beer, and warm hugs to be had that night. Extra special thank you to Dave Worth and Belinda Lantz from Fjallraven Asheville for believing in this idea and their generous sponsorship!

Highland Brewing Company was an incredible destination for orienteering, and we thank them for their hospitality and cooperation in producing this event. They bent over backwards to make everything perfect, which it was!

Judging from the response, this was the first of many future adventures at Highland.

Overall results. Participants chose to get all 24 (Full Pint) or 12 (Half Pint) of the 24 available controls.

Night-O at Highland Brewing Company sponsored by Fjallraven Asheville
The start! I said a few words, warned everyone to be careful, counted down, and yelled GO. I put on some Wagner for mood music, and then everyone was gone.
Special thanks to Dave and Belinda at Fjallraven Asheville for their generous support!