Results – MapRun Monday @ Kenilworth

MapRun Monday Spring Series 2023 Week 2

We enjoyed another round of street orienteering in arguably perfect Asheville springtime weather. Sunny skies in temps in the mid-50’s and gorgeous. There were 19 starters this week, finding a variety of features on the steep slopes of the Kenilworth neighborhood.

There were two hotels and two cemeteries on this week’s map, making for a pair of temporary, and permanent, resting places (har har.)

We welcomed a new family this week – the Dixon family from Hendersonville. Fun fact: this now makes two Dixon families at MapRun Mondays.

Our resident international junior national team orienteering phenom Lily destroyed the B course in 33:19 covering 6.74Km. Alexandra and Cecily got their 14 controls in less distance (6.53Km) but took longer to do it (49:19)

Return newcomers Abby and Jonathan beat both Sloan and Doug this time, collecting 11 controls in 38:49 and 5.10Km.

Sammy Pants won the D course in 27:48 collecting 7 controls, taking 4.32Km to do it

Kristy and Carey were our lone Power Walkers this week.

Next week is at Oklawaha Brewing in downtown Hendersonville!

Photos from Scotty P